Bestiary #020: More Like Akhwhat

2015-11-10-Akhlut Color

Name(s): Akhlut

Place of Origin: Alaska, (Yu’pik people)


Have you’ve ever seen a video of an Orca happily playing with its food? You know, where the adorable animal is slowly murdered by being flipped in the air? Orca after orca stepping up to be the next one to bat with their giant tails?

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is the animal when it’s content. So if you anger a Killer Whale, your best chance is if you get the heck outta the water. If you’re an unfortunate Inuit, you might be dealing with an Akhlut. A killer whale that can freely turn into a werewhale and chase you right onto the land.

Yeah, you’re not escaping with your life.


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