Bestiary #013: Cry Me a River of Cash

2015-09-22-Samebito Color

Name(s): Samebito

Country of Origin: Japan


What do you do when your dragon-lord kicks you out of his underwater empire? Mope around on a bridge.

Then what’s your best course of action when a nice dude stops by and offers you a one-bedroom in his pond? You take him up on it.

When your benefactor worries himself sick over a dowry for a pretty lady? CRY BLOOD.

…that turns into gems! That you give to your bud. Then he lives happily ever after and your king forgives you. Yay for everybody!


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One Size Fits All?

Ever read the story of Momotaro? It’s pretty awesome. Bribing animals with meat buns to fight an island of warrior ogres? That’s my type of story. My favorite part is that in every rendition of it the Pheasant, Monkey, and Dog are always dressed as samurai. I do not understand it and that is why I love it.

To make their load even more cumbersome one of the three has to hold Momotaro’s banner.

You wouldn’t think of much of a kid named “Peach Boy” but dang, do they kick some butt in this tale!