Bestiary #014: Go Suck a Goat

2015-09-29-Chupacabra Color

Name(s): Chupacabra

Country of Origin: Mexico (also Pureto Rico, Central & South America)


For most of my life I thought Chupacabra’s were just as prevalent in modern myth as anything else that haunts our stories- vampires, werewolves, gingerbread-house-residing witches. But it turns out our lovely little sucker is a far more modern invention.

We’ve got a creature that ranges in size from the size of your hand to the size of a bear. It probably has large eyes? But maybe not. It definitely has pointy teeth. And it wants to eat all of your goats. Or chickens?

Descriptions start popping up in the 1950s, but there’s a Chupacarbra craze in the 1990s. In the Americas, stories grab headline after headline, as the populous is nigh-ready to confirm the existence of this cryptozoological wonder.

Tragically, the proof that has been presented of this farm fiend isn’t enough to convince scientists (pssh, what do they know) that this possibly winged creature exists.

When the veracity of such eminent news organizations like the Weekly World News is called into question, what has the world come to?


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