Bestiary #019: Made With Love

2015-11-03-Bear Color

Name(s): Bear

Country of Origin: Great Britain


There’s plenty of folklore to discuss when it comes to bears. But the tidbit I fell in love with comes from the merry shores of England. Did you know that mother bears actually form their children from balls of fluff? That’s right, painstakingly licking the hair until it resembles a baby bear.

Am I surprised that this natural knowledge hails from a land with no bears?

No. No, I am not.


Pickering, David. “Bear”. A Dictionary of Folklore. New York: Facts on File, 1999. Print.

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Name an Animal #5 Bear

Chris Sims says “bear” a lot. The connotation is of course the most awesome of kick ass bears….so drawing a sun bear might be mildly disappointing. Well I don’t want to hear it! Sun bears are totally the cutest bear around! That also means they are the best bear around!