Hay’s Besitary, Winter 2013 – Ongoing

Monsters are one of my most prevailing fascinations. Since I dip in and out of drawing them, I figured I might as well collect them here. 


Today I Am Going to Meet a Tapir, Summer 2015

I love animals and comics and poetry. So I thought, why not combine all of these things into one story? I had been sketching Milo for a long time, and finally came up with what adventure I wanted to challenge him with. 

There was certainly a lot to learn with this project: lettering, editing, & inking, oh my! And I definitely fell short of the mark in a lot of places. But, as with all of these projects, I’m always pleased that I tried. 


Accident Comic, Winter 2014

This is a mini-comic that I’ve been interested in doing for a long time. It’s 18+, just in case that’s important for you to know.

Wolverine ABCs Project, Spring 2013

This was an Order Up request gone crazy. When I was tasked with, “Wolverine Fighting a Petting Zoo” I thought through a lot of different possibilities. Making an alphabet book showing ‘combat’ with 26 species made the most sense to me.

Obviously I have no rights to Wolverine, so this will always just stay a series of pictures on this site.

Peter and Johnny Are Friends, Summer 2012

It’s pretty simple, Johnny Storm and Peter Parker have the best friendship in comics. I took my amateur comic creating skills out for a test drive and this collection is the result.

Screw Science, Summer 2012

There are some projects that never relent, no matter how long you try and ignore them. A humanities major by preference, I have no idea where the desire to draw a series of 20 superheroes while examining their scientific transgressions came from. It took a lot of time and research, but I’m very happy I did it.

I do need to credit one artist in particular. My goal from the start of this project was to ape Maris Wicks‘ style. It had a humble quality that I loved. A more aggressive house style would have gone against the tone that I wanted.

If you’d like to know more about the specific science facts I’ve called out, I recommend visiting the original blog posts. As per usual, I’m very verbose:

Superman vs. Gravity | Cyclops vs. Newton’s 3rd Law | Thor vs. Meteorology | Flash vs. Special Relativity | Green Lantern vs. Drake’s Equation | Hulk vs. Radiation Safety | Multiple Man vs. Conservation of Mass | Aquaman vs. Pressure | Human Torch & Iceman vs. Thermodynamics | Captain Marvel vs. Surface Tension | Silver Surfer vs. The Carnot Cycle | Kitty Pryde vs. Interactions | Iron Man vs. Entropy | Zatanna vs. Linguistics | Martian Manhunter vs. the Pauli Exclusion Principle | Nightcrawler vs. Evolution | Invisible Woman vs. Optics | Wonder Woman vs. Mythology | Ant Man vs. Plank’s Constant | Spider-Man vs. Proportions |


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