Wolverine G, H, I

2013-04-08-G Goats

Goats have some crazy eyeballs.

2013-04-08-H Hedgehog

Oh gosh, these poor hedgehogs…If I could I’d redraw them, they’d look so much better. And for some reason, this took forever to color. Wolverine makes me happy, so not everything here is a loss.

2013-04-08-I Iguana

If I made a collection of, ‘best faces’ this would definitely be one of them. Also, iguanas remind me of drawing dinosaurs, and that makes them awesome to work on.

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Wolverine D, E, F


2013-04-03-D Donkey

Donkeys are actually one of my favorite animals, so I was really pumped to include them for ‘d’. I don’t know why they appeal to me so much, there’s something about their chunky body size that is just so fun to draw.

2013-04-03-E Emu

I think we can all agree: Baby emus are where it’s at.

2013-04-03-F Frogs

This is one of my least favorite ones of the set. I drew it while waiting in line at the movies, so it’s not as well thought out as the rest of them (hence Wolverine is more out of proportion here than anywhere else). It also has the weird distinction of always reminding me of the Dark Knight Rises shootings in Aurora. That’s what I was waiting to see, but at a premiere date, so one day before the actual event. Later, I hear about what happened, and it’s something I can’t separate this picture from.


Wolverine ABCs

On Thursday, I promised you the project I’ve been working on for nine months. Before the pictures, I’ll tell how it came about, and why I’m not crazy.

After showing Mr. Tobin my sketchbook, I was so impressed and humbled that I wanted to do something for him. It seemed silly to go back to the well for a third time, but being poor, all I can barter with is my art. So I asked for another suggestion. He said, “Wolverine losing a fight against a petting zoo”.

Guys. GUYS. Animals are my jam, so this was something I was very pumped about. I immediately got to sketching. Excitedly worked on ideas for days. And then….nothing worked. Every once in awhile this happens. The request is so off the wall or so difficult or so intricate, that there’s no easy way to approach it. Since animals are something that I can do well, and a petting zoo can be a very big operation…I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to fully sketch an animal because it was hidden behind three others biting Wolverine.

One of my guiding rules when picking how to work on a request is just to go with my gut. After half a week of sketching, the only thing that made sense was to make an alphabet book. I knew it was a stupid amount of work, but it’s what made sense. I pursued it, not really thinking that I’d get to the end, but it’d be fun to give it a go.

Since it happened that I was in school at the time, this was actually the perfect project. I’d go to work, study right after, fail a test, and come home. Even though there would sometimes still be time between me and bedtime, I didn’t have the mental capacity to think about drawing. However, I could think about Wolverine fighting an animal. That’s simple. So I’d work on that.

Even though I didn’t think I’d actually do it – it’s done. A very, very, weird feeling.

Without further ado, here it is guys! It’ll take 8 or so posts to put them all in, but may I present the Wolverine ABCs:

2013-04-01-A Armadillo

2013-04-01-B Bunnies

For the observant Philadelphians, this is the rabbit enclosure right out of our Zoo. Since I didn’t think about many of the animals before I sat down to draw them, this was the first time I understood that no matter how silly the idea, I was going to draw it. Even if it meant drawing a crazy amount of animals.

2013-04-01-C Chicks

And then ‘C’ happened. Oh my gosh. There’s over 100, but I always lose count. For animals that really can’t hurt comics’ fiercest Canadian, I had to think of ways that he could still ‘lose’ to them. For chicks, smothering en masse was the only thing that was deemed possible.

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2013-03-28- FI Galactus and Godzilla

City Devourer, Meet World Devourer


This is a prequel to something that’s been brewing since June. I went to Heroes Con (SUCH a good con) and finally did what I’ve wanted to do for cons – take TIK to a creator, in person. Meaning, before a con, I’d ask my favorite creators what they wanted, then I’d bring it to them at the convention. I thought of that idea, many, many cons ago, and just never got around to doing it.

So, for no reason in particular, (except extreme respect and awe) I thought I’d ask Mr. Paul Tobin for another idea, since his last one was so off the wall.

He got back to me with, “you should draw Galactus giving a flower to Godzilla”. Which I didn’t end up with since I forgot the flower, but this still works for me.

2013-03-28-Galactus and Godzilla

The timing worked out that I was done this before Heroes, and it was in my current sketchbook. So when I found Paul Tobin on the con floor, I asked if he’d sign it.

He did, and then he asked if he could look through the rest of my sketchbook. And his wife, Colleen Coover, was there – also looking! With her eyes!

I was so out of my mind happy. What type of sketchbook I carry around differs, but that was a 200 page mother. And there were compliments and suggestions and direct conversation with me and people I greatly admire. All over stuff that I drew.

Too crazy.

Anyway, that blissful interaction led to what will be the next series of posts. It took much longer than I anticipated to finish it, but I’m pumped that I can finally share it all.

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FI Pangolin

Just Hangin’ Out

This was the sculpture that I did for the other half of LHT. Once upon a time, Drew posted this picture of a carolin’ pangolin playing a mandolin. So when I asked him to name an animal, and he said, ‘pangolin’, it seemed like the perfect time to pursue a 3D form of his comic.


Before that, I did sketch some pangolin. Mine was a direct response to his happy-go-lucky one, and was very peeved. No idea why, probably just do satisfy the 180. So instead of sculpting just his, I made them a set.

These weren’t necessarily the toughest figures to make, but the scales were a killer. They’re all individually placed, and that took a chunk of time. I think the effect makes it worth it.

My favorite feature of the sculpture is the fact that they’re magnetic. It’s something I’ve done with a few sculptures, it’s easy and adds such a cool use.


It also made sense for these creatures. They’re basically arboreal armadillos, with prehensile tales. So they can suspend upside down with their tails. Of course, these guys are just using their butts, and we’ll just have to let that slide.

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Some Assembly Required

Phew. Almost forgot to get back on the posting bus.

So, today brings us one of the most unique Order Ups I ever had: “Four animals assembling IKEA furniture”.


This request was recently filled because I found it’s beginnings in a box. Back in 2010, I was student teaching and had little time to draw. It was very difficult to learn how to live without drawing. So I reached out to different Order Uppers and asked for animals to draw. Animals have always been my favorite, and it was a game I played all through High School, “What Should I Draw?”. Yeah, I’m not an attentive student.

So my virtual game yielded a lot of results, and I penciled pretty happily. As I got close to Christmas, I thought I’d sculpt some since my teaching time was coming to a close. Candidates for sculpting were people that I really enjoyed. Top of that list were the gentlemen from LHT. Turns out with graduating and moving out of my apartment, I didn’t get to finish these sculptures. When I found them a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and painted the lot.



And so yielded an Animal Ikea playset.

They’re…well, they’re not doing too well. And that sloth is not helping in the least.

In my life, this is definitely the most unique sculpture I’ve ever done. So that’s a rare honor.

PS I typically add hyperlinks, and would indicate who I’m talking about more explicitly, but this gentlemen hasn’t received this package yet, and it’s a surprise! I’ll update with appropriate links and such when I know he’s got it.

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Let's Do This

Drawing, Drawing, Drawing

(Please sing the post title to Rawhide)

Yes, as I hope the existence of this post proves, I’m not dead.

School was a thing that happened, and actually, I got the diploma in the mail a week ago. I don’t have the money to have it framed, but it still looks really spiffy in it’s cardboard envelope. I’ll sit it next to the poster tube where I keep my other diploma. It’ll be lovely.

What’s most exciting about talking about school in the past tense is that it’s over. Finished. Kaputski.

Do you know what that means?! DRAWING!

I’ve been steadily working on various projects since graduating, so I’ll start posting different pieces every Mon and Thur. I still haven’t caught up with my freedom, so I’ll take a bit to figure out what my drawing and website goals are. Till then, enjoy random stuff such as: Unicorn vs. Narwhal!

This was the start of a rather ambitious project for me. Not so much for ingenuity as for the time that I allowed myself to complete it. I think I brainstormed for days, then only had a week to sculpt it. It sounds like a lot, but work and life seem to get in the way.

Anyway, this was part of Laika‘s January creative challenge: Unicorn Sins. You had to craft a Unicorn embodying one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It took awhile for me to get the idea, but having a unicorn attack a Narwhal made me very happy.



I learned a lot sculpting this, which is always what makes art worth my time.

(1) The rainbow was a particular challenge. It took a lot of time to work out what was most structurally sound was using one continuous wire up the rainbow, through the unicorn, then back down the rainbow. It took a lot of crafting, but I think the effect was worth it.

(2) You can put (some) wood in the oven. The internet was not as helpful as it usually is. Most websites said that if I put wood in the oven I would kill everything I ever held dear. But since I had put in so much time sculpting that stupid rainbow and narwhal, I thought the risk was worth it.


Definitely a fan of the overall piece. I’d be a butt if I didn’t mention that the unicorn design comes from Brianne Drouhard. Love her style. If I had more time, I would have made the design more individual, but time was what it was. Best I can do is just credit Ms. Drouhard every chance I get.

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2012-09-18-Pretty Lady

So Long and Thanks for All the Omega-3

This isn’t goodbye forever, just until 12/13/2012.

Guys, I am so scared.

Some context: You may be tangentially aware that I’m in school. I’m not even that aware because the entire degree has been hilariously easy.

And now it’s like all of the Academic Gods have sought to punish me.

I have spent more hours studying this week than I can ever remember doing for any class, ever. I watched all the lectures, read all of the notes, checked all of the discussion posts, and the highest grade I received, that I worked so HARD for, was a 60%.

I am so scared.

I do have two other classes, but they’re pretty open and shut. There’ll be plenty of work in them, but I get reading and writing papers. This other class…..

SO. That leaves me thinking how much drawing time I’ll have. Well, it took me three and a half hours to answer ten homework questions. I got all of them wrong.


That’s not true (it just feels very true) but it does mean I can’t be reliable. I was really proud of how on-top of my schedule I got. It’s not a skill that I lost, but now I’ll have to use it to combat the forces of me-failing-school. I have a grand history of being an F student, but for this degree I’ve maintained a 4.0. You better believe that I will not lose that without exhausting every brain-resource that I have.

I’ll check in every now and then with a sketch or two, but it won’t be regular again until 2013. I hate that that’s true, but I’d hate me more if I didn’t try my hardest to win this degree.

As I can’t post without posting a picture, here’s a library sign I made:


No, I don’t know anyone that likes unicorns. And yes, I think that’s hysterical.

I will see you guys on the other side.

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PaJaF 15: Altogether Spooky

This is a thing I forget about Peter all of the time. It’s not something used in the comics often, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s definitely in Peter’s wheelhouse. Fortunately, I’m not afraid of bugs or many creepy things, so my love of the Web-Head is not messed with. I was pretty surprised by how many people I met in my adult life that hate spiders. I would want to talk about how some spiders eat birds, or how they have cool mating rituals, or how the Trap Door spider has the weirdest, most intricate back….and would be told to GO AWAY. It’s a fear so prominent for several of these friends, that they cite that as their reason for not liking Spider-Man. Since Pete is usually so preoccupied with saving New York and doing his homework, I forget to regard him in that context. But when I acknowledge it…yeah, that dude could be mad creepy.

Pete, never change.


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PaJaF 14: Do You Have Insurance?



I have no idea what Ferris Bueller antics they got into, but they’re in deep. This is one of those moments where it would be really nice if Johnny had super strength.

In other news, I’m sorry. I drew buildings. And I drew a car, and these are things that I shouldn’t be allowed to do. The more depressing thing is, even for these three miniscule buildings, it takes a hunk of time to draw them. Oy vey.

And while I do wish they looked better, I won’t say I regret drawing them. I learned, and that would be a silly thing to regret. Since non-organic shapes are the thing I’m least successful with, they garner the acknowledgement that I need to practice them more. So I’ll work on them, and I’ll get better. But like inking, wait a few years before you expect to see proficiency.

Is that car simply penciled after a hot wheel? Why, yes. Yes it is.

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