Peter, you're face is going to stay like that.

PaJaF 13: Life is Full of Johnnys

Not quite a return to form, but man this looks way better than Tuesdays.

This is one of those things that’s true about Johnny that no one really cares to mention. He’s kind of a genius at engines. That Dr. Storm didn’t raise no dummies. It’s just hard to be noticed when your brother is in the next room gaining access to alternate dimensions. It’s something that I think is really good for Johnny. Honestly, when you measure him up against a lot of other supes, he comes out pretty powerful. He’s also charismatic and more than a little bit of a showboat. All of these qualities could coalesce into a stellar A-lister.

But then there’s that family of his.

When your nephew is down the hall being the god of his own universe, you lose a little steam, and gain a lot of perspective. Despite being the Human Torch, most occupants of the Baxter Building reinvent an area of science before breakfast. They do more with their minds then they ever will with their powers. (One of my favorite qualities of Mr. Fantastic). So it doesn’t matter that Johnny can do a lot of science pretty well. Or can destroy the world with a Nova blast. Until he’s thoughtful enough to apply his talents in ways that effect lives, they’re useful in few situations.

Obviously, Mr. Storm loses his temper, or plays pranks that go quite south. But no matter the circumstances (even if he caused them) he’s ready to be the heart of the team. Against big brains and long odds, he doesn’t have a lot. But he never gives up. And if it’s his family that I have to thank for that, I guess I can be okay if he’s not always in the spotlight.

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PaJaF 12: Damsel In Distress


Johnny is that damsel. Don’t you have school too, Johnny? Seriously, what do you do all day?

This is the quickest PaJaF I’ve ever done. Which isn’t saying much since I’ve been working on it for five hours. And there’s no backgrounds. And it looks pretty poor. So yes, I guess you get what you put into it.

I know I’m on the cusp of having my head back on straight, I just need to get through the next couple days of work (busy, busy!) and then clean up this landfill that is my room. I find having a messy room so distracting.

And after all that’s done, I start school again so…!

Yeah, we’ll probably be seeing rushed pictures until December 2012.

GUYS. Let’s all look forward to January.

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For the Love of Libraries

I did have all of these grand aspirations to draw PaJaF right after I got home, but I’m kind of full of grand aspirations, so I chose to finish another one today instead. Despite my recent couple of weeks, I don’t revel in lying to you, my adoring public. But there’s another group that I probably definitely value a little more than you….maybe.

It’s come up before, but I work at a library. I’m in charge of having the most fun. I support this claim by sharing the fact that I was paid to fill water balloons today. To further illustrate this, I will, as a requirement of my job, peg children in the face with water balloons this coming Friday.

You might be coming to an understanding about why I love my job.

As a Teen Librarian I have to concoct mischievous happenings for me and my ragtag gaggle of chillun’. I play with and teach a diverse and highly talented group of kids. It’s quite the privilege, and I hope their parents never figure out the shenanigans we get into.

With ALL of that in mind, it is entirely frustrating that I’m part time. For many reasons, but mostly because I want to have so much more time to plan and improve the experience the kids have at my library. There’s SO MUCH to do, and what feels like so little time to get it done. Then I feel bad for not giving the kids everything I think they deserve, and the guilt cycle goes round and round.

Earlier this week I decided I’d punch that guilt right out of my life. Don’t know how long I’ll keep it up, but for at least a few tasks my work day will not stop when I clock out. I made a list of things that tick me off, and I’ll dominate them at home one by one.

To that end, I do have some art to show you.

This is our new book request box. I’ve loathed the box we have for months. But I’ve also made it very clear that you should not allow me to work on art at work. I wouldn’t have settled for a box that was less than this awesome monster. Which means I would have taken a work day and a half to make a….request box. Not exactly an optimum use of time.

Never changed that it bugged the crap out of me.

So I took a couple of packaging boxes, a lot of medical tape, paint, and one shaky exacto knife and came up with this gentleman.

You toss your request in his mouth, and I’ll pop by every week or so to see what’s inside.


I’m inordinately proud of his simple fasten in the back. I wish photos conveyed the weight great textures of sculptures better. It’s every aspect that makes a sculpture great, lost on a 2D format. So use your brains and imagine how satisfying this behemoth might be.

This will not be the last of my home projects. I was pretty excited about this guy (I knew it was a mistake to not clear my desk before work) so I finished him instead of focusing on PaJaF. The next couple of PaJaF are really simple, so hopefully no matter what other projects I make (I’m SO excited for one) I’ll have enough time for both.

Ah, and so some of you can get the Fantastic fix you need:

This is a small kokeshi, or Japanese wooden doll. We painted a bunch of them in Anime Club. The kids did an AWESOME job and graciously did not make fun of me for making yet another Human Torch item. That’s why they’re keepers.

And for those paying attention? I had to get paid to paint kokeshi. Too wonderful.

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Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite time: Filler time!

I really thought that I would have my head back together again, but I was wrong. PaJaF will definitely be back on schedule next Tuesday. I always think that school won’t throw me for a loop, and that I’m going to be really diligent on vacations. Why. Why do I think these obviously wrong things?

I did learn about beard taxes on vacation. So it wasn’t all bad.

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A Little Detour

Yo, yo!

Because I’m smart at scheduling (I’m going to start using my calendar, promise) I realized that I’ll be away until next Tuesday. Which means I can’t post the next PaJaF on time because there is no scanner at the beach. Or internet.

Instead I’m to post early sketches of something I hope to have done in full by late August/Mid-Sept. I really wanted to only present it to you all together, but I figure this is the least I can do since I’m missing a promised PaJaF update.

With no further ado….



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PaJaF 08: Study Buddies

Like, a lot of mini-Ayers rocks? Or something?

Oh yeah, this is the comic that I drew that convinced me that I should do everything with thin lines. I really liked how this one came out, especially Johnny’s face. So that’s when I started down a horrible comics path. I’ll stick to inking attempts from here on out, no fears (a little fear).

One thing I love about this picture – it gives me no end of pleasure to draw the weird things as mundane. The fact that I can draw Pete just sitting on the wall? It’s this one action that makes an unfamiliar viewer ask a hoard of questions. In order to answer them, you really need to meet the character (be it in movie, comic, etc.). And to make you wonder, I just had to doodle this sketch.

There’s no doubt that I love the duality that comes with being a costumed hero/totally (I swear) normal guy. I think I love it more when great abilities are pedestrian. That Johnny doesn’t care that Pete’s sticking to his wall, and Pete does it just because it’s in his nature now. It crosses a line when Peter Parker stops caring that his friend is on fire, which places being a normal human well behind him. There’s something so compelling in asking these characters to live human lives when, no matter their biology, they are something outside of human. At least on a societal level. It’s something that they can no longer succeed at, but because they’re mobbed by us (no superior for our sapien) the only choice they’re left with is to blend in. Otherwise how can they hope to protect their loved ones? Or even begin relationships? Unless you have the chutzpah and abandon of Mr. Storm, you’re probably going to hide behind some reporters’ glasses.

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