Pimento is a Variety of Chili Pepper

It also happens to be the sidekick of the Eisner Award-Winning, Bandette by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover.

Proudly, that little dog is the star of a two page mini drawn by me:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.41.07 AM

The short story behind that is I’m a pretty incessant annoyance. The longer story…

After the Wolverine project I was bumbling around for what to do next, and I then found the most adorable Pimento comic ever, drawn by Jennifer Meyer.

So I started sketching that pup, a lot. Then after a bit I figured I might as well sculpt it. Animals don’t take that long, so I went for it.

2014-03-12-Pimento 01 2014-03-12-Pimento 02

Pimento has his stash of cash, mask, food, a golden tapir idol, and a removable treasure map with some notes on it.

I saw a sculpture of Smaug with a beaded treasure base, and really wanted to try it out. I learned that it is annoying as anything. And if you rush it, you can see all of the clay in between and the effect is kind of ruined. But I don’t regret trying it, because I learned.

Once this was sent out, I jokingly ask Paul Tobin if he’d write a story for me to draw.

…and then he did. The result is the above comic. It feels very weird to be hosted on an actual publishers site. I know it’s two pages, but my feelings rest pretty well with Bryan Lee O’Malley, “I was just supposed to draw the little pictures in the boxes and die in obscurity, I thought.”

I’m very grateful to Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover for letting me play around with their mischievous little pup.

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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I’ve never been a terribly faithful poster, but I never thought that I’d take a year off. This is definitely my record.

I’m not even sure why I stayed away. Anyway, not being around on the internet doesn’t mean that I haven’t been drawing. So I’ll post some of the stuff I’ve done since the Wolverine ABCs over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a parasaurolophus and some kids:

Shout Out

Dinosaurs make everything better.

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Wolverine V, W, X, Y, Z

Phew! Sorry guys, I’m taking a little break to figure out my drawing schedule. I went from having no projects to this crazy flood, and I need some time to sort them out.

In the meantime, here’s the conclusion to the Wolverine ABCs!

2013-05-20-V Vulture

Hands down my favorite composition. There were a pile of letters that I didn’t struggle with – that I knew from the get go what I wanted to happen. I knew what I wanted to do for V since the letter L. It was so hard to wait to draw this.

2013-05-20-W Woodchuck

You understand, of course, that artists are honor-bound to put fossils in every dirt scene.

X X Ray Tetra

Does this one make sense? Nope. Does it make me giggle? Yup. X’s are difficult, guys.

2013-05-20-Y Yellow Bellied Lizard

I don’t know if people don’t understand this one, or if they just don’t love puns as much as I do. All of these lizards are hiding – because they’re yellow-bellied! Oh, you did get it? Yup, guess it’s just me then.

2013-05-20-Z Zebra Finch

I echo this kiss moment a lot in my comics. I think it’s hilarious and can never be over-used. I’ve seen it in plenty of stories, but my favorite use of it was in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Rizzo kissing Gonzo after frustrating him? Brilliance.

That’s it! I’m going to take a couple more weeks to get my head on straight, but hopefully I’ll be back on schedule soon.

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Wolverine S, T, U

All three of these are great examples of animals that really can’t do much to Wolverine.

2013-04-22-S Swan

Swans could have bit him, I guess. But there so majestic, it’s hard to bring myself to make every animal a biter.

2013-04-22-T Tortoise

I was stuck on tortoises for awhile. Like Chicks, there is NOTHING that a turtle could do Wolverine. And even if there could, maybe, be something – they move too slowly. Even their shells can’t stand up to adamantium, so I was pretty confused. Hence, staring contest! In the end, this piece became one of the strongest in the set. It’s cool how you go from no idea to a complete piece.

2013-04-22-U Urchin

I love this idea. This really isn’t the set up of a petting zoo (though I have seen fish and such in petting zoos, this tank screams aquarium)¬† but I don’t care. There’s a lot of cartoonyness to my style, but because everything is a still, I don’t always get to pull the illustration card, that is, tell a whole story in one image. Love it when that can be done.

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Wolverine M, N, O, P, Q, R




Hey guys! I had a sub-par drawing weekend, so I took it out on everybody by hiding away from the world. I usually don’t recognize it until I’m seasons into re-watching a show. Then I wake up from a stupor and wonder why I haven’t been drawing for days.

It took me till season 3 episode 1 of Mad Men to remember that I’d rather be drawing. You gotta admit, that’s pretty productive television watching.

Onward! With the ABCs:

2013-04-18-M Macaw

I got stuck on “M” for a very long time. I always knew what I wanted to do, but at the start of a project, and at it’s middle I panic. Guess what letter ‘m’ is? 13th, right in the flippin’ middle. So I react in a lot of ways when I fight against completing something. In this case I created an entirely new comic for me to draw. I have the outline for what should end up being 3 graphic novels. As much fun as that idea is, it was not helpful in finishing this alphabet.

2013-04-18-N Newt

By far the fastest of all of the letters. Not exactly a fan ( I like the look of a complicated piece more) but I think it’s a nice visual rest from everything I’ve been throwing at you.

2013-04-18-O Ostrich

Not as good as it’s sister piece, the emus, but the idea is really fun.

2013-04-18-P Pig

I’m not proud of the pigs. I’m good at animals so that sticks out to me, but I’ll deal. This piece, like several others, really benefited from being colored. So many of the B&W pieces are just this jumbled mass of lines, and it was in coloring them that they really started to shine.

2013-04-18-Q Quarterhorse

Horses are just too dang big to do anything more with. I mean, I guess I could have brainstormed something, but if I really wanted to justice to their proportions, it was a one horse deal.

2013-04-18-R Reindeer

Next to the frogs, the sloppiest letter of the alphabet. I don’t feel too bad though, it was some good problem-solving. So, once upon a coloring-this I realized that I had drawn white-tailed deer. I was doing this right before Christmas, and was drawing ‘reindeer’ for Santa’s sleigh in other pieces. However, most reindeer (Rudolph included) are much closer to being white-tailed deer than actual arctic reindeer. When I was about to color this in March, I realizes my mistake. That for ‘R’ I drew the wrong type of deer. And I also realized no one would care. I could leave the piece, and it’d be fine. Because the idea of redrawing it from scratch, when I was 9 colored letters away from being done? Horrified me.

In the end, I knew it would forever bothered me, so I did my best on my tablet to correct it. For most parts of the reindeer you can’t tell what was original and what was sketched in, unless you look for it. You can definitely tell on the antlers though. I compromised quality for speed, and in this case it doesn’t bother me that much.

Okay! That’s all the animals for this week. I feel more on track, so I shouldn’t mess up next week.

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Wolverine G, H, I

2013-04-08-G Goats

Goats have some crazy eyeballs.

2013-04-08-H Hedgehog

Oh gosh, these poor hedgehogs…If I could I’d redraw them, they’d look so much better. And for some reason, this took forever to color. Wolverine makes me happy, so not everything here is a loss.

2013-04-08-I Iguana

If I made a collection of, ‘best faces’ this would definitely be one of them. Also, iguanas remind me of drawing dinosaurs, and that makes them awesome to work on.

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Wolverine D, E, F


2013-04-03-D Donkey

Donkeys are actually one of my favorite animals, so I was really pumped to include them for ‘d’. I don’t know why they appeal to me so much, there’s something about their chunky body size that is just so fun to draw.

2013-04-03-E Emu

I think we can all agree: Baby emus are where it’s at.

2013-04-03-F Frogs

This is one of my least favorite ones of the set. I drew it while waiting in line at the movies, so it’s not as well thought out as the rest of them (hence Wolverine is more out of proportion here than anywhere else). It also has the weird distinction of always reminding me of the Dark Knight Rises shootings in Aurora. That’s what I was waiting to see, but at a premiere date, so one day before the actual event. Later, I hear about what happened, and it’s something I can’t separate this picture from.

Wolverine ABCs

On Thursday, I promised you the project I’ve been working on for nine months. Before the pictures, I’ll tell how it came about, and why I’m not crazy.

After showing Mr. Tobin my sketchbook, I was so impressed and humbled that I wanted to do something for him. It seemed silly to go back to the well for a third time, but being poor, all I can barter with is my art. So I asked for another suggestion. He said, “Wolverine losing a fight against a petting zoo”.

Guys. GUYS. Animals are my jam, so this was something I was very pumped about. I immediately got to sketching. Excitedly worked on ideas for days. And then….nothing worked. Every once in awhile this happens. The request is so off the wall or so difficult or so intricate, that there’s no easy way to approach it. Since animals are something that I can do well, and a petting zoo can be a very big operation…I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to fully sketch an animal because it was hidden behind three others biting Wolverine.

One of my guiding rules when picking how to work on a request is just to go with my gut. After half a week of sketching, the only thing that made sense was to make an alphabet book. I knew it was a stupid amount of work, but it’s what made sense. I pursued it, not really thinking that I’d get to the end, but it’d be fun to give it a go.

Since it happened that I was in school at the time, this was actually the perfect project. I’d go to work, study right after, fail a test, and come home. Even though there would sometimes still be time between me and bedtime, I didn’t have the mental capacity to think about drawing. However, I could think about Wolverine fighting an animal. That’s simple. So I’d work on that.

Even though I didn’t think I’d actually do it – it’s done. A very, very, weird feeling.

Without further ado, here it is guys! It’ll take 8 or so posts to put them all in, but may I present the Wolverine ABCs:

2013-04-01-A Armadillo

2013-04-01-B Bunnies

For the observant Philadelphians, this is the rabbit enclosure right out of our Zoo. Since I didn’t think about many of the animals before I sat down to draw them, this was the first time I understood that no matter how silly the idea, I was going to draw it. Even if it meant drawing a crazy amount of animals.

2013-04-01-C Chicks

And then ‘C’ happened. Oh my gosh. There’s over 100, but I always lose count. For animals that really can’t hurt comics’ fiercest Canadian, I had to think of ways that he could still ‘lose’ to them. For chicks, smothering en masse was the only thing that was deemed possible.

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