It’s ALIVE…!

…This blog that is.

I’m always amazed when I manage to wait a month between posts. I honestly can’t tell you where September went. I guess I started graduate classes and drew a crap-ton. What’s that? You haven’t seen any evidence of that?

Oh my god, I SWEAR I have been drawing. Except for the poor showing that I make at school, drawing is all I do outside of work. Really. Most of that drawing is Troop Infinity, so that is artwork that doesn’t really need to be featured here. ‘Cause, you know, it has it’s own website. I did want to stop and post the a couple other things that I drew in September.

I was listening to iFanboy and they were making jokes about superheroes being hobos. Sometimes, you hear descriptions and you HAVE to draw that thing. And what better Marvel characters to subject this to than then the first family themselves?

Man, I always just want an excuse to draw Johnny and Pete together. Even as hobos they won’t quit. There’s a lot tucked into this picture that makes me enjoy it. Sue is a closet alcoholic, they’re giving away the possum, their operating hours are Clobberin’ Time, and somehow the Thing grew a beard.

The next one is kind of a flop to me. But once you get three hours into a drawing, it’s hard to turn back:

So we’ve got poor Mr. Kent, down on his luck. I love all of the hobo signs that tell you about the house. Most of them are some form of “warning” or “turn back”. There’s a couple bonus ones scrawled on the posts. I like the line variety in this one much more, but I get that the joke doesn’t work as well as I want it to. Ah well, I’ll just have to try harder next time. iFanboy was also really nice and posted these pics on their website. I was pretty flattered.

The next thing is a play off of what Nate Cosby was doing over at his site. He started writing monologue exercises for different comic characters and posting them. Then tempted artists started drawing them. That whole thing is pretty awesome. I was content to watch, but then Christopher Bird asked if I wanted to draw something he scripted. Pssh, OF COURSE I wanted to play in that sandbox. I was ready to go with any supe, but then I joked and said that I was NO DOUBT doing a Rex one, because that would be too easy. Obviously the script for a dog would say, “Woof, woof”. I could handle that writing ability, no problem. I intended on doing both, but Chris was on board with Rex. So that’s what this is:

Hee hee. Oh, Rex.

And Chris was nice and posted this! Crazy peoples, filling up their websites with this.

Alright, I’ll try and remind you guys I’m alive more frequently in October.

Thanks for stopping!

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