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Girl Meets Dinosaur


I want to pretend that it wasn’t intentional, but it might be nearly guaranteed that from now until fall I’ll be posting dinosaurs pretty regularly.

With most of my personal projects, I tend to go with whatever feels right at the time. And the next two I’ve lined up are a lot of terrible lizards.

I’ve also resolved that I’ll stop semi-apologizing for it. I love dinosaurs, that’s why I’m doing these pieces in the first place.

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There is No End


…to the amount of dinosaurs I will post.

Seriously, looking down the pipeline, it may be dinosaurs forever. Or just next week. I am working on 100% non-dinosaur projects, but I don’t want to post those until they’re much nearer completion. Effectively, you’re stuck with whatever happens to grace my sketchbook.

In conclusion, dinosaurs.

First, a nice dinosaur reader.


Then we’ve got an alternate reality of the “End of the Dinosaurs”.

2014-04-17-Flip Extinction

Ah, if only dinos had super powers.

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You’re So Pretty


Oh so pretty.

2014-04-10-Pretty Dinosaur

My favorite way to draw dinosaurs is usually with no feathers. At least when it comes to the bulbous way I like to draw T-Rex ( à la last post). But I feel super guilty for perpetuating a false understanding of dinosaurs. Like I’m one of those bozos that still think brontosaurs is a thing.

So here’s feathers galore. And he’s stunning.

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I Made a Comic


It’s a mini centered around an idea I had a very long time ago. I’m really happy that I finally found the time to just sit down and make it. It has strong language, so I’d rate it 18+. But if that doesn’t make you shy away, I’d be obliged if you would read it.

It’s not a big thing, but it’s completion means a lot to me. I’ve never had to letter, and I’ve never posted my own comic before. I mean, one that lasts over one page and that I haven’t worked with someone else on.

It also taught me what I can realistically get done. So while it’s not the best schedule, I can probably produce a comic like this every few months. I’m really stoked to finally feel like I have control over my output.

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Alright, this should be the last ‘podcast’ post before I actually show you guys something original.

2014-03-31-Bill Nighy Companion

I was listening to the FuzzyTypeWriter podcast, and Paul Montgomery explained his dream Doctor. Obviously the Doctor is a dog and his companion is Bill Nighy and they’ve lost the TARDIS so they ride around on a bicycle.


Much thanks to Paul for the idea.

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Just some more Harmontown sketches.

We’ve got an Ember Mauler. I think this was the first big monster they beat.

He was fun to color.

2014-03-24-Ember Mauler

And below we’ve got the infinifish. It’s a flying fish, infinitely long, on another plane. They were trapped inside this guy for quite a few episodes. This got very complicated to draw in some parts.

2014-03-24-Infinifish 2


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We’re Going to the Moon

So I’ve talked before about how I draw and watch movies and TV and listen to podcasts.

So I found a podcast last April, and it’s the perfect podcast for me.

Harmontown is strange and wonderful and delightful. The eponymous podcast features mostly Dan Harmon, creator of Community, and sharing the stage with him is a cast of characters so eclectic it somehow makes perfect sense. The most frequent contributors are his comptroller Jeff Davis, his Dungeon Master, Spencer and his better half, Erin McGathy.

It’s such a weird podcast experience. It can oscillate from completely self-serving, to really transcendental. Some podcasts make it easier to get through than others, but as a whole it’s been an amazing experience to listen to. More than anything, it’s refreshingly honest. And conversations about controversy and faith and butt jokes were all things I didn’t expect, but now I know better.

Anyway, since they play D&D weekly, there was a lot of great things to draw. I was really driven for a couple weeks to draw everything in Harmontown. My favorite character has to be the barbarian dwarf, Quark Pfft, so we’ll start there.

2014-03-20-QuarkI just, he’s the heavy of the group. It’s amazing.

2014-03-20-Quark Resting

He has sex with a lot of things. Because sometimes Harmontown is a comedy podcast.

2014-03-20-SpencerAnd here’s the DM Spencer. He told a story about catching a seagull, so why not?

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