Bestiary #005: Oh, Deer

2015-01-26-Peryton Color

Name(s): Peryton/Perytion

Country of Origin: Greece


From Atlantis, these half-stag, half-bird beauties hold a terrible secret. Though hard to detect, if you spy their shadow when they’re in full light, you’ll see the silhouette of a man.

What happens when you die out of reach of your gods? Your soul transforms into a Peryton. Haunted by their plight, their goal is to kill another human. If they can manage that, their soul will be released and they can finally rest in peace.

It’ll be left to the new peryton to wander and seek out it’s own prey.


Borges, Jorge Luis. The Book of Imaginary Beings. New York: Penguin Group, 2000. Print.

Bestiary #004: Hungry Like the Immortal Wolf

2015-01-19-Fenrir Color

Name(s): Fenrir/Fenris

Country of Origin: Scandinavia

Description: What do you do when you discover there’s a giant wolf that will one day cause the downfall of your religion’s presence on Earth?

You tie that sucker up.

There are a lot of great tidbits about Fenrir, but I like when the gods (who will NOT go near him – except Tyr) try and convince Fenrir into chains. They figured they need him bound so he can’t cause the end of their world. They challenge him by appealing to his pride, “You say no bonds can hold you, but how do we know you’re strong unless you allow us to test you?”. They’ve tried similar tactics with Fenrir’s dad, so it’s a good plan.

Except Fenrir is not exaggerating, and he breaks out of every known chain. So now we need a miracle.

That’s where the dwarves come in. They’re very handy, and manage to come up with a supple, thin ribbon: Gleipnir. Composed of the roots of a mountain, a woman’s beard, the breathe of fishes, the sinews of a bear, a bird’s spittle, and the footsteps of a cat, there was nothing stronger.

He’s tricked, tied, and tossed a mile underneath the ground. In the process Tyr loses a hand, but it’s a small price to pay to have saved Odin and the whole Norse pantheon.

Of course, prophecies have a neat way of working out. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his bonds, eat Odin and fight against the gods on the side of giants.

He’ll fall to Vidar, Odin’s son, but not before the damage is done.

Gotta love giant wolves.


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Bestiary #003: Part of Your World

2015-01-15-Ichthyocentaur Color

Name(s): Ichthyocentaur, Ichthyocentaurus

Country of Origin: Greece

Description: Related to centaurs, icthyocentaurs are both man and horse, but also have a dolphin or fish tail. Generally calmer than their land-bound cousins, Ichthyocentaurs make their home in the ocean. They peacefully coexist with with nymphs and other sea creatures.

The most famous Ichthyocentaurs from mythology are Bythos and Aphros.


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Bestiary #002: Fashion Forward Cat

Very appropriate for the winter weather, this week’s entry is the Yule Cat:

2015-01-05-Yule Cat Color

Name(s): Yule Cat

Country of Origin: Iceland

Description: It’s a giant cat that will eat you if you attempt to leave your house under-dressed for winter. Make sure that every Christmas you’re gifted new clothing. The Yule Cat doesn’t want to see any of last year’s fashion.

How large the Yule Cat is varies depending on the story. Additionally, in some tales it is the pet of the Yule Lads and their giant mother, Gryla.


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Bestiary #001: A Year To the Day

It’s exactly a year since I started a little side project of mine. I wanted to cultivate a Bestiary of my own. I suppose I’ll keep it up until it no longer captivates me. That interest hasn’t waned in the past year, so I have a nice collection of beasties to share. I’ll update the monsters weekly with their pertinent information, for those interested.

Obviously, I’ve taken artistic liberties. Hopefully they’ll average more of a boon than a bust.

2014-12-30 Fauth ColorName(s): Fauth

Country of Origin: Scotland

Description: Fauth means “hate” or “horror”. It’s actually a classification of a range of rancorous Scottish fairies. They can be found in any body of water. Generally they will be green, either from clothes or scales. They may have webbed limbs and yellow manes and tails. They lack noses, so their eyes are especially sharp. Some can assume a human form and have tricked men and woman into marriage. More often, they’ll wait for an unsuspecting soul to travel close to water and drag them under, drowning them.


“Fuath”. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Web. 30 Dec. 2013.

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Man’s Best Alien

When I want to avoid work, sometimes I work 200% harder on a completely unrelated project. Like drawing as many pets as possible before guilt and impending deadlines finally make me get back the drawing board. But guys, when you see the page I’m talking about, you’ll totally get why I was playing hard to get.

While I finish up work on that, let’s show off the remaining pets:

2014-12-22 World's Finest

In World’s Finest #112, this little alien guy followed Superman back to Earth. Superman tried to abandon it and then it died saving his life. It’s actually a really upsetting issue of World’s Finest. Silver Age Superman was not a nice person.

From there we transition to…

2014-12-22 Kanga

I am so upset that out of the womb people were not shouting at me, “WONDER WOMAN HAS A GIANT KANGAROO”. Learning this is one of the greatest additions to my life. Amazonians ride GIANT KANGAROOS into battle. I love comics.

2014-12-22 Aqua Pets

Now for the Aquaman set: Tusky the Walrus, Ark the Seal, Topo the Octopus, and Salty, the Golden Retriever that can’t swim.

There are other pets I want to do, but I’m going to put a paws on this for now.

Next week I’ll share something that I think is pretty nifty.

I hope everyone has a great holiday!

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Lockjaw Isn’t Just a Medical Term

It’s also one of the cutest and most powerful heroes of the Marvel U!

2014-12-08 LockjawHe’s a pretty big pup, with awesome teleportation powers. He’s royal transportation for the Inhumans, and is in the backdrop of most comic events in the Lee/Kirby era. He’s terribly fond of Ben Grimm, so Johnny Storm has been in his mouth sometimes.

I was worried that Lockjaw, being an Inhuman, meant that he once was a kid exposed to Terrigen mists, then turned into a dog. Which would be terribly cruel. It’s seems like some comics say that because the Inhumans were playing a prank on Ben Grimm? But no one corrected it for years. So now you’ll hear both origins. He’s either a dog or a kid that was exposed to the life-altering mists.

Let’s all…let’s say he was a dog the whole time. Because this is a past that’s far cuter:

2014-12-08 Lockjaw PupLockjaw puppppppy

And for good measure, here’s our other favorite cosmic canine, in a precarious situation!

2014-12-08 CosmoDon’t worry, I’ve hardly ever seen him with his helmet closed. He’ll be fine.

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Krypto Kick

I got on a Krypto drawing kick after there was a story from ComicsAlliance about an abandoned project from Louie Del Carmen and Bobby Chiu starring Superman and Krypto.

There are many recurring themes to this website, but my desire to see more dogs in comics is literally the subject of my first post. And many subsequent posts. DC, and to a lesser extent Marvel, are sitting on a kibble and bits goldmine of potential powered pup stars. Cosmo, Krypto, S.C.P.A., Lockjaw, Rex the Wonderdog, Ace – I want to know what is happening with them.

I was so disappointed to learn that DC had primed a pitch, only to discard the very idea.

So periodically I’ve been turning to the drawing board to play around.

2014-12-01 Krypto and Superman (small)


My first hope – could we resuscitate the idea by pulling a “Clark Kent” on DC itself? If the main characters of this completely new and unaffiliated comic wore glasses (Superman has to wear two, since if he wore one he’d just be Clark) no one would recognize them and we could all have the comic we’d love….


2014-12-01 Krypto

2014-12-01 Krypto Paper (2014-10-18)


2014-12-01 Krypto

Auuuugh, he’s too cute! What heartless monsters could say no to such a face?

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Coppertone Thor

WELL, here’s another post that shows how backlogged I am with drawings:

2014-11-24 Thor

When I originally drew this it was HOT out. I was so bothered that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be working on, and to distract myself I drew this.


So we’ve got Toothgnasher and Toothgrider helping make the homage complete. I work with kids, so I make sure what’s in my sketchbook is PG. I really don’t know how low pants can be pulled before it’s inappropriate. Hopefully I struck the right balance?

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