Lockjaw Isn’t Just a Medical Term

It’s also one of the cutest and most powerful heroes of the Marvel U!

2014-12-08 LockjawHe’s a pretty big pup, with awesome teleportation powers. He’s royal transportation for the Inhumans, and is in the backdrop of most comic events in the Lee/Kirby era. He’s terribly fond of Ben Grimm, so Johnny Storm has been in his mouth sometimes.

I was worried that Lockjaw, being an Inhuman, meant that he once was a kid exposed to Terrigen mists, then turned into a dog. Which would be terribly cruel. It’s seems like some comics say that because the Inhumans were playing a prank on Ben Grimm? But no one corrected it for years. So now you’ll hear both origins. He’s either a dog or a kid that was exposed to the life-altering mists.

Let’s all…let’s say he was a dog the whole time. Because this is a past that’s far cuter:

2014-12-08 Lockjaw PupLockjaw puppppppy

And for good measure, here’s our other favorite cosmic canine, in a precarious situation!

2014-12-08 CosmoDon’t worry, I’ve hardly ever seen him with his helmet closed. He’ll be fine.

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Krypto Kick

I got on a Krypto drawing kick after there was a story from ComicsAlliance about an abandoned project from Louie Del Carmen and Bobby Chiu starring Superman and Krypto.

There are many recurring themes to this website, but my desire to see more dogs in comics is literally the subject of my first post. And many subsequent posts. DC, and to a lesser extent Marvel, are sitting on a kibble and bits goldmine of potential powered pup stars. Cosmo, Krypto, S.C.P.A., Lockjaw, Rex the Wonderdog, Ace – I want to know what is happening with them.

I was so disappointed to learn that DC had primed a pitch, only to discard the very idea.

So periodically I’ve been turning to the drawing board to play around.

2014-12-01 Krypto and Superman (small)


My first hope – could we resuscitate the idea by pulling a “Clark Kent” on DC itself? If the main characters of this completely new and unaffiliated comic wore glasses (Superman has to wear two, since if he wore one he’d just be Clark) no one would recognize them and we could all have the comic we’d love….


2014-12-01 Krypto

2014-12-01 Krypto Paper (2014-10-18)


2014-12-01 Krypto

Auuuugh, he’s too cute! What heartless monsters could say no to such a face?

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Coppertone Thor

WELL, here’s another post that shows how backlogged I am with drawings:

2014-11-24 Thor

When I originally drew this it was HOT out. I was so bothered that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be working on, and to distract myself I drew this.


So we’ve got Toothgnasher and Toothgrider helping make the homage complete. I work with kids, so I make sure what’s in my sketchbook is PG. I really don’t know how low pants can be pulled before it’s inappropriate. Hopefully I struck the right balance?

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The Greatest Guardian

My birthday was the day after the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy, and I knew going in that Marvel had crafted a birthday present just for me.

While I knew I was going to love it, I never anticipated that Marvel would throw in the GREATEST Guardian of the Galaxy character:

2014-11-17 Cosmo

His ongoing feud with Rocket was one of my favorite parts of the Abnett and Lanning run. Just…there was so much that’s great about Cosmo. A psychic cosmonaut dog that guarded over the citizens of KNOWHERE. He even thinks with a Russian accent!

I went to the theater with people who hadn’t read the comic, and they had no notion as to why I jumped when the camera panned to this guy.

But you guys get it.

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Doodled Dragons

I did these guys foooorever ago. A friend asked if I’d help out with a new venture. That project of his is going pretty well, so I might be drawing more of these characters?

We’ll see!

2014-11-10 DragonKidComp 2014-11-10 DragonGroupCompDragons are fun to draw, so it’d be a cool way to pass the time.

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I’m Smarter

I don’t know where my art career is going, but I think I’m closer and closer to figuring out how I want to proceed with it.

Which is neat and exciting and induces hyperventilation and fear of failure all at once.


I have been drawing pretty consistently since my last post. A lot of it falls into the, “Unfinished” category – so there’ll be some huge art dumps in the future, but until then I’ll toss out what I have done.

Like the last of the con dinos:

2014-11-03 HTFL CC 2014 Banner

2014-11-03 HTFL CC Bag Design_No words 2014-11-03 HTFL CC Clip Art 01

2014-11-03 HTFL CC Clip Art 02

2014-11-03 HTFL CC Clip Art 03

This event was such a blast. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have the jobs I do.

I want to make promises about schedules and such, but I’ve only ever been consistent about inconsistency. Honestly, I’m probably in the best situation I’ve ever been to keep up regular posts. However, there are a few projects and possibilities in the sidelines. If those took off, maintaining a website schedule would be second priority.

Additionally, I’ve been spending time playing through the Final Fantasy series. So…that’s obviously more important than drawing.

I’m glad we’re all on the same page.

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Girl Meets Dinosaur


I want to pretend that it wasn’t intentional, but it might be nearly guaranteed that from now until fall I’ll be posting dinosaurs pretty regularly.

With most of my personal projects, I tend to go with whatever feels right at the time. And the next two I’ve lined up are a lot of terrible lizards.

I’ve also resolved that I’ll stop semi-apologizing for it. I love dinosaurs, that’s why I’m doing these pieces in the first place.

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There is No End


…to the amount of dinosaurs I will post.

Seriously, looking down the pipeline, it may be dinosaurs forever. Or just next week. I am working on 100% non-dinosaur projects, but I don’t want to post those until they’re much nearer completion. Effectively, you’re stuck with whatever happens to grace my sketchbook.

In conclusion, dinosaurs.

First, a nice dinosaur reader.


Then we’ve got an alternate reality of the “End of the Dinosaurs”.

2014-04-17-Flip Extinction

Ah, if only dinos had super powers.

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